Super Size Your Mask!

My two children (five and eight) love a good dressing up session, but there’s only so many times you can invent new characters from the same costumes. I’m not massively creative so making my own doesn’t always have the best outcome! We were sent some 3D masks from Fiesta Crafts to try, and they looked like just the ticket!

There’s something charmingly old school about the masks, which come packaged as a ‘flat pack’ kit. You then fit the pieces together, following the numbering and inserting the flaps into the slots (oo-er!)

What emerges from your handiwork is definitely more than the sum of the parts. Whether it’s a statuesque soldier helmet or imposing unicorn head, they were both an instant hit with my children. We’ve had all manner of new ‘visitors’ since, including a space unicorn and soldier Peter Pan.

Although they are made of cardboard, the masks are very sturdy and can withstand plenty of costume changes and manhandling. I wouldn’t be keen on unpicking and remaking them though, as I think they would lose some of their structure. My children did need some parent assistance with making them, as some of the joints are a little tricky. They were relatively quick to make though, and everyone enjoyed the process!

The old school vibe of the masks is not an accident, in fact Fiesta Crafts specialises in traditional toys but with a modern spin. They’ve been designing and making toys since 1990 and what’s great is that they were the first company to become a Good Toy Guide Endorsed Company. This means that at least 80% of their range of products are tested out by professional testers (and children). The reviews are published by the Good Toy Guide, which is a great source for parents. I’m also really encouraged to learn that they design and test their products to toy safety standards and also ensure that their toys are manufactured in factories that employ good working practices. 

You can save 10% across the whole Fiesta Crafts website if you buy before April 30th 2021 using code MW10.

*We were gifted two masks in exchange for an unbiased review.

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