Operation Christmas Planning Is Go!

Wrapped Christmas gift box with stars and lights
*This is a collaborative post.

Christmas It’s coming and there’s no hiding from it. I have mixed feelings about it. I really enjoy the run up to the big day, seeing my kids getting excited at decorating the house and lots of crafty activities. But, with 10+ nieces and nephews plus all the associated in laws, sorting out presents can be a logistical nightmare. It feels like every year I’m arranging things right up to the last minute, both for my own children and extended family. So this year I’m getting organised. I will actually do what I always say and get everything sorted before 1st December, with a little help from Wicked Uncle and these handy tips.

Pick Your Store

Find a retailer where you can buy lots of presents in one go, but not just your usual go-tos. There’s lots of online stores with a great selection, many of which have suggestions you’d never have thought of! Choose somewhere that you’d be pleased to receive a present from yourself.

Gift from Wicked Uncle
An updated classic – Spirograph!

Wicked Uncle has a huge selection for children aged from newborn to 14 years old, and for big kids too. There’s loads of updated favourites from our childhoods, like handheld Space Invaders or a Thumb War Wrestling ring, alongside modern must-haves like robots and poo emoji lollies! There’s also plenty of classics, like binoculars, walkie talkies and ‘grow your own’ kits. Browsing the site is a bit like walking into an old school toy shop, there’s loads that you want to play with yourself and you’re reassured that the majority have a cleverly hidden educational value (except perhaps for the poo lolly)

Gift from Wicked Uncle
Have great fun popping balls out of his head!

Narrow your choices

Avoid the inevitable overwhelm by narrowing down your choices as much as possible. Start off with an age range and then filter on a specific area. If you’re not sure what the receiver likes, stick with ‘favourites’ or ‘most bought’ options. Wicked Uncle has search options for ages, genders and likes, and you’ll find lots of the products will pop up in more than one category so you won’t miss out on anything. This allowed me to pick out items for my four year old daughter and seven year old son easily.

Avoid the sales

Although it doesn’t seem logical, sales and in particular Black Friday events can lead to unwanted purchases and can even work out to be more expensive overall. The sheer volume of products on offer, and the seemingly amazing price drops can lead you to buy more than planned. Plus, in some cases you might not even be getting a lower price.

Get in early

Once you’ve smugly made all your purchases, make sure you let other friends or relatives know. Not just for gloating purposes, but in an effort to avoid duplicate presents or even to co-ordinate.

Buying your presents earlier in the year also helps your cashflow. Rather than spending a whole load of cash in one go in December, you can spread the cost and hopefully leave yourself a few pounds spare to enjoy the festive season yourself. Plus think about how much calmer and relaxed you’ll be knowing that everything is organised!

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