How I’ve finally ‘found’ exercise

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Those people who know me (or have ever stalked me on social media) will know that I don’t do exercise. Or any kind. Including walking. I’m the type of person who drives to the shop at the end of the road. Not just out of laziness; but for many reasons. Having wet hair or not wanting to put socks on to wear trainers because I can’t walk that far in my sandals being prime examples.

But all that has changed.

I have found exercise. And not just in a forcing myself to go the gym because I think I should way. In an actual, I really like it and it gives me a buzz and maybe I want to do more way.

Shock horror.

It’s taken more than thirty years to get to this point. I did have a phase of doing two gym classes a week plus weight training at home, but that was in the run up to getting married (and because the gym was literally right next to my office). No surprises that the classes dropped off quite quickly after the honeymoon.

Then life just seemed to get in the way. Despite all the good advice and articles extolling the many benefits of exercise, for both mind and body, other things just took priority. And I got to the stage where the thought of getting sweaty in front of a whole load of other gym bunnies was just too devastating.

But then one day I saw an advert for a local class, I think it was something to do with bouncing? It was obviously a freak moment because I then started looking into what other classes I could do, and booked myself on to one!

Nobody, least of all myself, thought I would actually go through with it. But I did. I’d had a tough day at work and the thought of being stressed and miserable at home was enough to push me out the door and into my local leisure centre.

Miraculously I’d found a brilliant class straight away, that South American dance one but with a good dose of boxercise thrown in. I can stand at the back and don’t have to be super co-ordinated, plus I get to punch and kick my stresses away. I really do come out with a massive buzz, not least because I’ve actually made it through the class. I still find it a challenge every week, especially when it’s super hot, but I’ve stuck at it so far. I’ve even upped my daily steps, and becoming strangely obsessed with my step count (on my phone, I’m not at FitBit level yet!)

So, if I can do it, you definitely can! It’s all about finding what fits for you, in terms of the exercise but also fitting into your lifestyle. There’s no point pushing yourself when you’re trying to get dinner on the table, there’s plenty of options around, even if you just stick on the latest Davina DVD in your front room.

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6 Replies to “How I’ve finally ‘found’ exercise

  1. I needed to read this post! I’m trying to get back into exercising again but it’s a struggle to get started. We have a treadmill in the garage so I have no excuse – I just find it so hard to get motivated. #itsok

  2. That is so great – when you find something you enjoy exercise can be the best thing in the world. For me it is a complete mood lifter which is why I can’t live without it. It always perks me up. But it is definitely about finding something that you like. So glad you’re enjoying it! #itsok

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