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Open package Sockie Stars socks and story book

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. Like a pair of socks with a detachable cape. Putting these magical socks on can immediately make the wearer feel more brave, calm, or happier in their own skin.

That’s the motive behind Sockie Stars, and their fantastic socks and stories. Three pairs of colourful socks with eyes on, accompanied by interchangeable superhero capes, and a cartoon to bring each story to life. A simple concept but massively effective.

There are three pairs of socks inside – orange and yellow Brave, bright blue Calm and purple and green Odd (representing Being Yourself). Each pair of socks has it’s own cartoon story to go alongside it, plus Conversation Cards with prompts to help you talk to your children about how they are feeling. The stories are great for reading together with your child, as they contain a strong message, but it’s hidden within the story so it doesn’t feel like you’re having an ’emotional’ discussion.

When I first opened up the package, my 5 year old daughter was a bit dismissive. But once I started unwrapping the socks and capes, she was immediately enthralled. She took to it straight away – it’s been her first week back at school and she has been feeling nervous about it. The fact that putting on a pair of socks could make her feel brave was a big hit! She even went so far as to change into shorts so that the capes could be seen.

I love the concept of Sockie Stars. Everything is thought of for you, which is great for parents who might be struggling with the emotions of their children and how to manage them (hands up over here!). You can tailor the messages to your child too, as the book and cards work really well as prompts. Plus let your child’s imagination take over!

*We were gifted a Sockie Stars pack in exchange for an unbiased review

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