Straightening Out My Self-Care

Today I straightened my hair before work.
Probably for the first time since i had my daughter… four years ago.
It might seem like a small thing but to me it makes a massive difference. To put it into context, I’ve never been a hair and make-up kind of girl. My daily routine consists of foundation, a sweep of powder and mascara, with some eyeshadow for special occasions. I would love to do more but i don’t have the patience or the skills! I stopped straightening (or sometimes even blow drying) my hair whilst on maternity leave, and never started it again even when I went back to work. It always felt like I was in a rush, there were other things I should be doing or some days, just the effort of getting dressed was enough.
But now my kids are older and don’t need so much supervision in the mornings. Plus I’m trying to be organised and get things ready the night before. So I do end up with extra time in the morning.
This morning I thought, lets give it a go, nothing radical, just a bit of extra smoothing. Now I’m no expert but I did OK and didn’t burn myself. When I looked in the mirror at the final result i was really pleased. I felt smarter and more professional, and just that bit more me, rather than just Mum.
I get it about self care and how important it is. I like the idea of being pampered or going off to a spa for the day but i never get around to booking it. I feel guilty about the expense, or leaving the kids, or the state of the house when i get back, or having to eat healthy food! (all of which are unfounded worries by the way). So for me at the moment the extra few minutes here and there, straightening my hair or fitting in an exercise class, are my self care. They make me feel better about myself and i like to think that it makes me a better mum. Even if no-one noticed my hair 😀
Photo by George Bohunicky on Unsplash (I would really really love it if this picture was me, but sadly it’s not!)

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