SlingSmart Online Peer Supporter Training

The benefits of wearing a sling with a baby or toddler are huge – it’s great for both you and the child, saving you precious time and effort and increasing your bond. If you’re passionate about babywearing, or perhaps your babywearing days are now finished, have you thought about being a Peer Supporter?

SlingSmart is a fantastic company who provide an online training course for you to become a Babywearing Peer Supporter. It’s perfect for parents, healthcare and childcare professionals or anyone working in an environment supporting babywearing. I know I’ve been in the position of seeing someone carrying their child in an awkward position, but not feeling confident to offer advice.

The training has been developed by Jessica Smart, who has been a midwife, sling consultant and teacher for many years, and has already helped hundreds of women (she was a great support for me when I wanted a sling for my daughter)

Topics covered include the benefits of babywearing, safe practices and ergonomic positioning. The course is made up of videos and online modules, all hosted through the website, which you can complete at your own pace. Once you have finished the modules, you complete the coursework and have a Skype or video call with Jessica. Support is available throughout the course on Facebook or via email, plus a Facebook community for Peer Supporters.

If you want to provide more extensive guidance on babywearing, back carrying or supporting children with additional needs, please look into Sling Consultant training.

You can contact SlingSmart through their website or on their Facebook page.


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