Make Your Favourite Naughty Food More Healthy!

Homemade potato wedges

We are very please to have Brittnay from The Nut Butter Hub give us her top tips on making some of your favourite foods a bit more healthy…..

Do you ever wish that you could eat whatever you wanted without the added guilt? There’s nothing worse than binge eating your favorite food and feeling bad for it. You can stop feeling bad about your food eating choices simply by replacing the bad stuff in the foods you love with good stuff. Read below on ways to transform your favorite naughty food with food you won’t feel guilty about.

Forget About The Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks sure does taste good but it isn’t very good for you. Many people tend to avoid drinking healthy drinks because they think they are boring and have no flavor. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Try kombucha, a fermented and sweetened tea drink. Look for a brand that is lower in sugar, kombucha can be found at your local grocery and health food stores. You can even make your own kombucha. Soda lovers typically love kombucha because they can still get the carbonated taste they are used to.

Totally Healthy Mac N Cheese

We can usually be in such a hurry and grab the boxed mac n cheese because it cooks up so fast. Truth be told, with all the preservatives and artificial dyes it isn’t really that great for you. Not to mention you still need your veggies. Butternut squash mac and cheese leaves out the dairy but does not compromise on taste. You can still have your rich creamy sauce cheese tasting sauce by adding nutritional yeast to your butternut squash and your favorite non-dairy milk.

Ditch the Chippie!

This fast food staple is so common that no one actually thinks about the dangers of its consumption on a continual basis. French fries are typically high in fat and not the good kind. Skip the drive thru and make your fries at home. Cut your potatoes thin or thick whichever way you like them, season to your liking, and add some healthy oil like olive or avocado oil. Then you can bake in your oven or to go next level tasty try using put a natural gas smoker. To mix it up try with sweet potatoes and smoke with a little cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Up Your Pancake Game

Who doesn’t love to go to brunch and order a large chocolate chip pancake with extra butter, whipped cream and syrup? Although it’s ok to indulge in pancakes from time to time try a vegan pancake with all natural sweetener and fruit. It is so easy to make at home and you don’t need anything fancy just a bit of flour, non-dairy milk, and coconut oil. Plus, you still don’t have to be shy with the toppings, get creative with chopped dried fruit, cacao nibs, or even coconut shreds and yogurt.

Totally Tasty Pudding

Chocolate pudding is great for when you want something decadent and sweet for dessert. Usually this milk based chocolate treat can get you into some calorie trouble. Try cutting out some of the calories by using an avocado base instead of cream. Yes that’s right, you can make your pudding with avocados. You want to blend some cacao powder, non-dairy milk, avocado, and sweetener in your heavy-duty blender. Let the mixture chill in your fridge a few hours. The result is creamy chocolate, and naturally good for you dessert.

Rice, Glorious, Rice

Rice is a very common side dish and no one knows why it can be unhealthy. Well, rice digests very quickly and lacks the nutritional value needed to keep you full. Trying cauliflower rice is a good option because it is so nutritionally dense, and can taste virtually the same as white rice. Use as a side when you make your typical rice dishes such as stir fry or chicken and rice and casserole.

Experimenting in the kitchen with new dishes shouldn’t be intimidating, make it fun. Start small and work your way up, Before you know it you will love the healthier versions of some of your favorite foods and the old versions will be just a thing of the past.

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