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Cleavage. Bust. Bosom. Breasts. Boobies.

OK, let’s be grown ups for a moment and talk about our cleavage, and more specifically, what happens to that bit of your body when you’ve had kids. No longer are you plump and perky (although you’re very lucky if you are). It’s much more likely that you’re a bit saggy and have the odd stretch mark (or six).

Help may be at hand! Spanish company Phergal Laboratories have created the aptly named Push Up Breast cream. Its aim is to make your bust more attractive by firming and toning the skin, and reducing stretch marks. All sounding good so far.

The cream boasts 99.6% of its total ingredients come from natural sources. There’s Oleoresin from the guggul tree in India which plumps up your skin, plus Centella asiatica to boost firmness and reduce saggy skin. There’s also Scotch Thistle extract to regenerate your skin and reduce stretch marks by improving your moisture and elasticity levels. The cream also includes natural fruit waters.

Its recommended that the cream is applied twice a day, using a circular motion until its absorbed. It’s suitable for use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What’s the verdict?

There are lots of creams on the market that claim to lift your bosom and help you reclaim the cleavage of your youth. In my case, that’s definitely a distant memory these days but I wouldn’t mind a bit of nourishment for my skin. It’s definitely a neglected area in my (very limited) skincare regime, and I’m finding that my chest is very dry after the hot summer temperatures.

I’ve given the cream a go for the last couple of weeks and I can see a difference. I hold my hands up and say I’m not using it religiously twice a day, it’s normally in the morning after a shower (when I remember). The cream is a nice consistency and doesn’t take long to sink into to my skin (another plus point for quick fire skincare!) It has a luxurious smell (like a spa) and you can actually feel a tightening effect when you’ve rubbed it in.

I’m being sensible about the fact that it’s not going to turn me into Katie Price overnight but it certainly seems to be nourishing my skin effectively. The fact that there’s no nasties in there is a big plus for me too.

There’s also a Push Up Buttocks version as well as Flat Tummy. The products are available to buy from Holland and Barrett.

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