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Mum and You wipes and nappies

Let’s face it, life as a parent would be much more difficult without wipes. Whether it’s for nappy changes, sticky fingers, spilled meals or crayon on the door, wipes are a large part of daily life. My children are now 5 and 3 but I still have packets all over the house, plus in my handbag.

Wipes have come in for a lot of bad press recently and the Government is considering whether they should be banned. This is mostly down to the fact that they’re a big cause of blockages in sewers and wastewater treatment plants, thanks to people flushing them down the toilet. The alternative is chucking them in the bin, which isn’t an ideal option either.

Mum and You is trying to turn the tide, by introducing biodegradable wipes. Their wipes are also made from 100% naturally derived fibres so they’re great for newborn sensitive skin.

What’s the verdict?

Mum and You wipesI have to admit that I’m a bit of a brand snob, and have been using the sensitive variety of the brand leader since my son was born. I’ve also tried out some extra gentle natural ones when my daughter was suffering from nappy rash.

I was very encouraged when I opened the Mum and You wipes that the first wipe felt very wet, and was suitable for use straight away. I often found that the wipes at the top and bottom of the pack can dry out easily.

I’ve tested the Mum and You wipes in a variety of weird and wonderful ways!

– Bum wipe – tick
– Opening the packet – tricky for my 3 year old but OK for my five year old
– Cleaning felt tip pen off the door – removed some of it but not all
– Cleaning mud off my daughter’s foot – tick
– Wiping melted chocolate off hands – tick

So for us as a family, these wipes are great, they’re not as good for cleaning as other brands, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing?!

Mum and You wipesI really like Mum and You as a company. They donate to Save the Children and The Trussell Trust, which supports foodbanks across the UK. They also have Natasha Kaplinsky as a co-founder, and draw on her passion for making mums’ live easier.

The wipes are available to buy on the Mum and You website, either in packs of 6 or 12, or through a Subscribe and Save option which gives you monthly deliveries. Mum and You also offers nappies and their own range of bath and skincare.

*This is a collaborative post.

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