Review ~ Prestige Flowers Mother’s Day Package

Have you arranged your Mother’s Day flowers yet? Prestige Flowers is an online flower delivery company and I was fortunate enough to receive a Mother’s Day bouquet package from them to review.

Inside a box of flowers

The package arrived via Royal Mail and was packed in a large cardboard box. As I unpacked the box, I found all manner of goodies! It was a bit like Mary Poppins’ bag, with a large wrapped bouquet plus vase, teddy bear and box of chocolates. I was a bit concerned that everything had been squashed in, but not so, as the flowers were perfect as I took them out.

The bouquet

Now, I’m not an expert in flowers, but it is a very impressive bunch! Beautiful pink roses and Bunch of flowers on windowsilllilies, white gemini and plenty of foliage had been expertly arranged. Prestige Flowers state on their website that all of their flowers are arranged by highly skilled British florists, and this certainly seemed the case with mine. What was really nice to see was the flowers had been wrapped in two layers of cellophane, with some dampened protective material between the layers. This served to both protect the stems and provide some moisture. The stems were secured with rubber bands, and the arrangement didn’t fall apart when I transferred it straight into the vase (because, frankly I am rubbish at flower arranging). There was a sachet of flower food also included and a helpful ‘flower care guide’.

The gifts

Mother's Day bouquet package with flowers, chocolate and teddy bear

A lovely squishy soft teddy bear was included within the box, which my daughter promptly helped herself to! Also included was a box of milk chocolate hearts from Valley Chocolates (which have been hidden away for my consumption).

A further cardboard box contained a vase for the bouquet, wrapped in tissue paper. Plus there was a printed personalised note plus some vouchers for money off a future purchase. There has been no damage to anything with it having come in the post. It’s encouraging that all of the packaging (with the exception of the cellophane) can be recycled.

The verdict

I’m not really a flowers person, and don’t often get bought them, but I would be utterly delighted to receive this package for Mother’s Day; the flowers are gorgeous and the added gifts are a lovely touch.

Other options

There’s a huge range of other bouquets on the Prestige Flowers website, and you can choose to go for just a bouquet, a package like I received or you can create your own package. There are multiple ‘add on’ gifts such as bon bons, balloons and wine, plus within the Mother’s Day range is the National Gallery collection – bouquets inspired by famous artists. You can also purchase indoor plants, hampers, gift selections and bouquets with Moet champagne (hint hint!)

You can see the whole range of Mother’s Day offerings on the Prestige Flowers website, as well as their other occasion flowers. They offer next day and same day delivery (for orders before 3pm), with Mother’s Day deliveries available.

*Prestige Flowers provided us with this bouquet package in exchange for an unbiased review.


3 Replies to “Review ~ Prestige Flowers Mother’s Day Package

  1. Sounds like a great Mother’s Day gift. I’m not much of a flowers person either but last Mother’s Day I found that I really love orchids. They beautiful and they last a lot longer than roses do. My boys got me one for Mother’s Day and it sat on my desk for over a month. Great review! #anythinggoes

    1. Ooh yes, love orchids – to look at though! I certainly don’t have the dedication to look after one properly though!

  2. Don’t bother using Prestige Flowers. They send poor quality flowers that are already going brown. Ruined 2 people’s Mothers Days with their substandard flowers. They also stop responding to e-mails after a time. Read lots of complaints about them including in the national press. Oh and they are also being taken to the Small Claims Court. Avoid!

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