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Worthing gets a pretty bad wrap, from it’s nickname of God’s Waiting Room to Andy Murray saying it was boring (and he’s not exactly Mr Exciting himself). But that’s all set to change, with the opening of Pitch, the restaurant established by Masterchef winner Kenny Tutt. Kenny is no stranger to Worthing, having been the manager of the Santander bank before his triumphant win in 2018. Since then, he’s stayed true to his roots and opened his debut restaurant in his home town. It’s a venue that locals hope will help to rejuvenate the town; although there are already many excellent eateries, the downturn in the high street and lack of investment have left the town on a downward slide.

The restaurant

My husband and I were fortunate enough to visit Pitch for lunch on his birthday, and as soon as you step through the tasteful front door you feel a million miles away from the rest of Worthing. The downstairs dining room is classy and intimate, with an elegant spiral staircase leading up to the bright and airy upstairs. The decor is botanical, with tasteful shades of green and floral touches dotted around.

The service

The waiting staff are smart but without being stuffy; think bow ties and smart shirts plus black skinny jeans. The kitchen staff, and the main man himself wear aprons in the restaurant’s signature green. It’s all very slick and polished but not in a way that makes us ‘ordinary’ folk feel uncomfortable. The waiting staff were super friendly and the service was quick, considering how busy the restaurant was (a very encouraging sign). We had a 2 hour limit on our table, but we didn’t feel rushed and had plenty of time for three courses.

The food

The food can definitely be described as special. The menu has a good range and I found it very difficult to choose! Although the prices are a bit more than your standard restaurant, they’re not excessive and the portion sizes are very generous. So much so that I couldn’t manage a dessert, much to my regret when my husband’s arrived. We chose some of the dishes that are quickly becoming Kenny Tutt classics, including buttered toast ice cream and savoury doughnuts. Both of these, plus the other dishes we ordered were exceptional. The ice cream (which I sampled) was the stand out for me. It started off as a tasty homemade creamy ice cream and then you’re hit with an amazing taste of toast, it was quite unlike anything I’ve tried before.

The verdict

So the food’s amazing, the staff are awesome and the venue is stunning, what’s not to like?!

I can truly say that it was one of the most memorable meals I’ve ever had, and a big part of that was the lovely atmosphere. It didn’t feel too posh and I would have no hesitation in going with my friends or family (perhaps not the kids, I’m not sure I’d let them loose in there!) Our meal was rounded off with two special touches, a Pitch branded birthday card signed by the team and a little chat with Kenny himself. Even though he was clearly busy, cooking and taking food to tables, he stopped to speak to us on our way out. It was our pleasure to tell him how much we’d enjoyed our meal (even though I was a bit star struck!)

If today was anything to go by, Worthing is in for a real treat with Pitch. It’s a wonderful experience from start to finish and we wish Kenny and his team all the luck in the world, you’re doing Worthing proud!

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