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Picture Story Starters book and toys

I am the first to admit that I have no imagination. I’m an accountant so give me a bunch of numbers and I’m well away, but ask me to make up a story and I’ve no clue.

Which doesn’t really fare well when my kids ask me to help them make up stories! That’s where the Picture Starters For Little Kids book comes to the rescue.

It’s chock full of pictures, questions and prompts for sentences and stories on a whole host of topics – there’s everything from dragons and mermaids to animals and transport.

What’s In The Book?

Each double page spread features a large black and white picture, with two short questions to answer, then on the opposite side is a lined page with a story prompt at the top. For example, a picture of an old fashioned ship with questions asking ‘who is sailing on the ship?’ and ‘are the waves calm or rough?’. The story prompt is ‘write about a ship on the ocean’ – which my 7 year old son used to write about Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Picture story starter book

That’s what we’ve enjoyed most about this book; because there are lots of familiar pictures it’s great for triggering memories of films or things we have done as a family, such as our first time on a train.

The book we tried is aimed at KS1 but was also a good resource for our 4 year old daughter who is starting school in September. She liked practicing her letters and colouring in the pictures, but could also join in discussions with her brother.

There’s also a KS2 version, suitable for ages 7-11 (school years 3 to 6). Both versions are available to buy from Amazon.

*We were sent a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. This post contains an affiliate link, this does not cost you anything more but we may earn a small commission on your purchase.

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