Easy Crafts for Multi Ages

Decoupage pumpkin shapes

My two children (aged four and seven) and I are big craft fans, but it can be tricky to find activities that they can both do without too much ‘interference’. Here’s a few of my top tips:


This is a great craft to do – for younger ones they can get all messy and for older ones they can let their creative side really take over.

It involves sticking small pieces of coloured or patterned paper onto cardboard shapes, to create a patchwork quilt layered effect. The possibilities are endless, in terms of the main shape you use and the pattern of the paper. What’s great is that you can do it in stages, and keep coming back to it. Plus, if you don’t like what you’ve done, just stick over it!

You will need

– cardboard ‘mache’ shapes – available widely in crafty types shops like The Works or Hobbycraft, or Amazon

– different coloured or patterned paper – go for slightly thicker than tissue paper but not too thick or it won’t mould to the shape

– glue – you can buy specialist glue for this activity, which includes varnish, or PVA works well

– a paintbrush – quite wide and thick works best

Make sure you use loads of glue, both to stick the paper down and to cover over the top of the paper for a super shiny finish. When you have your final glue layer you could also add glitter or small decorations.

Cookie decorating

This is brilliant for small hands, using either squeezy icing tubes or homemade icing and paintbrushes. There’s loads of choices available for extra ‘sprinkles’ or bits to stick on too (just ensure that they’re edible!)

Decorating cookies with icing


There are lots of ready made kits available to make suncatchers, try Hobbycraft, Wilko or The Works. Make sure that you are applying the paint on the right side of the picture – you should feel the raised edges that will stop the paint running. One thing to be aware of is that the paint supplied with the kits can be non-washable, so watch out for spillages!

Painting a Halloween suncatcher

Obviously the crafts in our pictures were Halloween themed but all of these crafts would work equally well for Christmas, Easter or any time you fancy!

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