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Mysteries in Time history for kids box

So this year the summer holidays are like no other, and it feels like we’ve already done our six weeks several times over. I know many parents, us included, have been asking themselves whether homeschooling should continue through the summer break. Whilst we had great intentions of following a timetable and getting in many hours of education a day, the reality was quite different, especially towards the end. So we want to try and keep things going until September; not in formal ‘sit down for lessons’ way but trying to pick activities which are educational in themselves.

We jumped at the chance to try out the Mysteries in Time subscription box. My 7 year old son has developed an interest for history during lockdown, but my own knowledge is pretty patchy! History for kids can be quite a tricky topic to get right, my two are not quite of the age to concentrate at museums so it needs to be something engaging.

What’s Inside?

Mysteries in Time is a monthly subscription, with each box centred around a specific period of time – the first being Ancient Egypt. The materials in the box are really well thought out and completely focused on their audience. You receive a set of instructions when you open the box, which serve as a guide through the various activities:

Mysteries in Time history for kids box
  • finding Egypt on a world map – you keep the map for future boxes
  • reading Egyptian Adventure – a book featuring Max and Katie, who feature in all of the monthly boxes
  • learn plenty of facts and knowledge in the history magazine, which also includes puzzles and themed colouring
  • get crafty and make an Egyptian amulet with the air dry clay and gem stickers included withing the pack

What’s lovely is the attention to detail in the box, like the Egyptian bookmark to go with the story book and a Pharoah pen for completing the puzzles. It gives the box a real personal touch, as though someone has hand created it just for your family.

The Verdict

We really liked the Mysteries in Time box. There’s plenty of variety within the activities, so you can pick and choose what you do depending on your child’s mood. Initially my son wanted to jump straight in with the craft, but we stopped and looked at the amulet facts to give him some context about what he was making. It was very helpful for me to have some design examples to copy too!

Because of the size of the box, the contents have lasted us a good few days. We’ve had Egyptian Adventures at bedtime, plus facts and crafts during the day, and a lot of random questions in the car! I would suggest that parents read along with the facts (or have a sneaky nosey beforehand) so that you know what your child is asking you about!

The Max and Katie characters are really accessible, and add to the ‘pretend it’s not educational’ feel of the box. That really helped us a family, and my son actually wanted to learn more, without it feeling like a chore. Our daughter (four) was very interested too, particularly in the colouring pages, and she loved it when her big brother told her lots of exciting Egyptian facts.

There are two sizes of box available on the Mysteries in Time monthly subscription, either classic or bumper. You can choose a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month plan and cancel at anytime. It would make a brilliant gift option, either as a one off or ongoing – I know that my teacher mum would approve!

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*We were gifted a bumper Mysteries in Time box in exchange for an unbiased review.

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