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Keepsake letter writing set

We are reviewing the Forever Letters – Letters to My Little One set from Mushy Moments.

It’s a lovely keepsake box which contains all you need to write and keep letters to your child as they grow. The set includes 48 pieces of printed writing paper, 24 envelopes, 24 stickers plus the keepsake box (and instruction sheet). The concept is that you write a letter per year to your child, until their 18th birthday, plus there are enough materials to write six additional letters. You seal each envelope with the appropriate number sticker and keep it in the box. The keepsake box has space for a personalised message inside it.

Keepsake box

The paper is a really nice quality as are the envelopes, and the paper has the same print on the back of each page as the envelopes. The set has a woodland theme running through it, with lovely green, brown and orange tones. The theme is not too over the top though, and would be suitable for a son or a daughter. There would be space in the envelopes for photos or other mementos, alongside the letters. I think it would be nice to record some special memories that have happened in the past year, as I’m not the most overly sentimental person! This is good, as I find that baby books always stop too early and you often miss out on some of the big firsts that happen later on (first day at nursery / first trip to the cinema etc.)

What’s really nice about the set is that it’s a lovely old-fashioned concept – handwriting letters seems so much more personal than typing it out. Plus, because the set has everything you need, I would be more likely to remember to use it (rather than scrabbling around for a piece of paper and an envelope, which seem to be in short supply in our house!).




Mushy Moments has sent us the Forever Letters – Letters to My Little One set to review, in exchange for an unbiased review.

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