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We visited Fishers Farm Park in the February half term week with four adults and four children (girls aged two and boys aged four and five). As it was half term, Fishers Farm were offering a special ‘Enchanted Week’ with promise of live fairytale creatures, a pixie trail plus storytelling and magic shows in the barn theatre.

I have fond memories of visiting Fishers Farm when I was a child (especially buying one of the rabbits to take home as a pet). It’s changed a lot since my day though! The site has expanded and now boasts a collection of farmyard animals, tractor and pony rides, trampoline pillows, a splash pad, a water ride and the bouncing bug tractor ride. Plus plenty of adventure playground sections and space to run around. There’s also an indoor soft play and slides section which you can pay a discounted price to visit separately.


What we loved

Bouncing pillows

One large and one small inflatable pillows in the ground that children can jump on (think a puffed up trampoline), surrounded by sand so there’s a soft landing if they bounce off. The little one was brilliant for the two year old girls, although you do have to be careful if there are older children on there (rebound bounce!). There’s also a section of normal garden type trampolines.

Bouncing Bug ride

This is where children (or toddlers with an adult) sit in an individual ‘pod’ which is then pulled along in a line by a tractor. You go up and down small hills, into a tunnel and through plenty of muddy puddles. It’s very bouncy and lots of fun!


Farmyard animals

The girls loved visiting the farmyard animals – cows, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits, chicks, guinea pigs, sheep, goats and horses. We were very lucky to see some lambs who were only a couple of weeks old. There are animal handling sessions through the day and you can touch most of the animals on your walk round (if you’re brave).

Magic Show

We didn’t make it to the storytelling (as we were having too much fun outside) but we did get to the 30 minute magic show. It was a nice break to be able to sit down! Plus the kids all really loved the entertainment, which had plenty of audience participation.

In fact, the kids loved everything!

The Verdict

Fishers Farm Park is a fantastic park for all of the family, especially for under 10s. The majority of the attractions that are there are geared towards younger ones, which makes it perfect for us at the moment.

It was busy on our visit because it was half term, but not too busy for our children to go on everything they wanted to. It helps to arrive 10 minutes early for the timed activities as there were small queues (magic show / tractor ride / bouncing bug). What’s really great as a parent is that everything is in close proximity, so it’s not so scary if your little ones escape (because you can catch them up without too much running!). Also, we felt really safe with the children going on all of the adventure playground parts, because there were lots of extra safety measures (like an extra layer of netting under the net-climb up the castle).

We were hampered a little by the February weather – some of the slides were wet and the sand pits were a bit water logged, but that didn’t dampen our enjoyment of the day. The weather was kind enough to let us eat outside, though there are covered picnic areas too. We tried out the food from Cafe Moo Moo (burgers, chips and kids sausage and chips) and it was really tasty, and very good value for money. We also took advantage of the amazing whipped soft scoop ice creams!

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  1. Thanks for visiting us and we’re so please you had a good time! We hope to see you again soon (hopefully it will be a bit sunnier for your next trip!). Ps… many thanks for ‘testing’ the bouncy pillow! Hope you enjoyed it too?! 😂

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