Review ~ Hexbug Ramblez Mobot

Ramblez Hexbug Mobot

Ramblez the Hexbug Mobot has been an instant hit in our house! It’s marketed for age 3 years plus so I thought that my five year old daughter would love it, but my seven year old son is just as fascinated.

What does Ramblez do?

Ramblez is a pocket sized robot pal who looks pretty innocuous when you see it in the box, but switch it on and you’re in for a real treat. From its funky mohawk to neon light up eyes, you can’t help but fall in love with Ramblez. Clap your hands and Ramblez will move this way and that, in a kind of cool robot dance.

But it’s the noises that will really get you. It’s like a cross between Gizmo the Gremlin and a Clanger, and is endearingly cute. Ramblez has voice changing powers too, with various buttons on the front to switch between voice modes. Plus you can record your own voice and play it back, with added effects. Tip : make sure you read the instructions, and have a play around with it before letting your child loose on it. There’s a definite knack to getting a clear recording but my daughter picked it up after a few attempts.

If that wasn’t fun enough, if you’ve got another Mobot then Ramblez will have a conversation with it!

The Verdict

Ramblez makes a great gift for children, especially for siblings if you get more than one. It’s a great size to slip into a bag and the on off button is well placed on the front! Because of the voice recording function, there’s an extra dimension which gives more longevity to it. My children will pick it up and play with it multiple times across a day, and my daughter especially liked introducing Ramblez to her other toys!

You can buy the Ramblez Hexbug Mobot at Bargain Max RRP £14.99

* We were gifted a Hexbug MoBot in exchange for an unbiased review.

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