New Books I’ve Enjoyed – October

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Now that the kids are back at school and the weather is firmly Autumnal, it’s a great time to curl up with a good book. Here’s three I’ve read recently and would thoroughly recommend:

The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman

Richard Osman is officially my favourite author (sorry Peter James!). After one book. He’s done it.

Thursday Murder Club cover

The Thursday Murder Club is absolutely fantastic. At first I was a bit dubious – four OAPs solving a murder in their retirement village? But then, all the classic detectives are the wrong side of 50, and where would the world be without Miss Marple? From the first chapter I was absolutely hooked. The main four characters, Joyce, Elizabeth, Ibrahim and Ron are spirited and not ready to give up on life just yet. Their ages become almost forgotten the more you get into the story, and the trappings of older age are not dwelled upon. There are moments to remind you though, such as the declining health of loved ones, but again these are dealt with thoughtfully. That’s a big draw about this book. There are a lot of crime thrillers out there these days, many of which feature graphic violence or particularly uncomfortable circumstances.

The Thursday Murder Club doesn’t follow this mould, it’s a good old school whodunnit and it’s no mean feat to come up with something new to keep readers engaged. As I read it, I could well imagine it being a Bank Holiday three part special, with Judi Dench, Miriam Margoyles, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart in the main roles (please, please!) It’s not lightweight though, and cleverly deals with some very topical concepts. I loved every minute of it!

The Baby Club – Caroline Corcoran

The Baby Group cover

The premise of The Baby Group is pretty topical for the modern age – what would you do if a sex tape of you is emailed to everyone you know? That’s what Scarlett needs to deal with, but the story goes so much deeper. It’s about friendships, motherhood, relationships and being true to yourself. These sub-plots are what make this book so appealing. It becomes less about who was responsible and much more about how the characters deal with the circumstances they are faced with. You’ll definitely find yourself shouting at more than one of them! As a mum and a blogger this novel was scarily close to home at some points but thoroughly enjoyable!

I Follow You – Peter James

I Follow You cover

I’ve been a huge Peter James fan for years, especially as the DI Roy Grace books are set locally to me in Brighton. I Follow You was the first stand alone novel that I’d read, having previously been too scared to try the likes of The House on Cold Hill! I Follow You isn’t scary in a supernatural way, but it will scare you in other ways. The story starts off quite safely, with Marcus Valentine, a well respected consultant surgeon and Georgie Maclean, a pregnant personal trainer. However, when the two have a chance meeting in traffic, Valentine’s obsession starts.

The pace at which the doctor’s fantasies escalate is alarming, as are the lengths he will go to. As you read further into the novel, more and more breadcrumbs about the main characters’ pasts are uncovered. In a similar way to Peter James’ other books, the narrative is told from both sides of the story which in this case makes it all the more disturbing. As the reader you will find yourself questioning what really lies behind the facade of the individuals you put your trust in.

*I was gifted e-book versions of these novels through the NetGalley Reviewer programme.


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