Review ~ Naturtint Shampoo Bars

Naturtint shampoo and conditioner bar

Being an accountant, I’m always look out for ways to save money but sometimes this can be at the expense of the environment. I will freely use budget shampoo and conditioners, and whilst I chuck the bottles in the recycling, I’m more and more conscious that this isn’t a great way forward for the planet.

I’ve not tried any plastic free options so far, admittedly because I’m put off by the upfront price tags. I’m always wary of spending more than £10 on something for my hair, even if it will last an age.

When I got the chance to try a Naturtint Shampoo and Conditioner bar, I was cynical whether I could be converted. I wash and condition my hair every day and although it’s not really really long, I do like it to feel clean and smooth.

Whats In It?

I was pleased to see that the Naturtint bar contains 99% natural original ingredients, and the formulation of the Nourishing bar is designed for dry and damaged hair (of which mine is both, after years of box dyes!). It’s SLS, silicone and paraben free and contains Argan Oil and vitamins A and E, which I know are all hair saviours!

The bar comes in really lovely packaging, with lots of information on the sides. The bar itself is smaller than I though, but promises 75-90 washes, which is the equivalent of three big bottles of shampoo. As an added bonus, this bar is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, so my bathroom shelf is going to be a lot emptier!

Lather Up!

The first time I tried it was without reading the instructions, moving the bar in my hands like you would with a normal bar of soap. Although I did get some lather going, it wasn’t quite enough for my hair so I ended up repeating the process.

Once I had read the instructions I realised that I needed to run the bar through my wet hair, rather than my hands! That way I got loads more actually in my hair, and it lathered up nicely once I massaged it in. Then you just wash out as normal. I tried leaving it in for a few minutes, like you would do with conditioner, but the cleanliness felt the same as washing it out straight away.

The Verdict

I’ve been really pleased with the condition of my hair, it feels clean and shiny but without being fluffy or lightweight. In terms of the bar, it seems nice and robust after a few washes and hasn’t lost much of its size. I do have to remember to take it out of the shower, so that it doesn’t get too wet when my family are in there. I would be happy to use the Naturtint on my children’s hair too, there’s no nasties in there and using the bar means less risk of shampoo in the eyes!

You can buy the Naturtint Shampoo and Conditioner range at a range of retailers, with Nourishing, Strengthening and Colour Protecting options. If you buy from Amazon before Friday 30th October you can save £3.00 on your purchase, making it even better value.

*We were gifted a Naturtint bar in exchange for an unbiased review. This post contains an affiliate link, it doesn’t cost you any more but we can earn a little commission on your purchase.

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