Great New Books Out This Week

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January is a bumper time for new additions to your must read list, with everything from thrillers to romance to ‘that’ royal memoir. Here’s a few I’ve enjoyed which are available from this week:

What Happened on Floor 34? – Caroline Corcoran

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Meet Rose. Rose seemingly has it made, with a fab partner and her dream job as the Day Editor of a daily newspaper. But Rose’s life begins to unravel when Will Frost, the Night Editor of the paper, goes missing. What has happened to Will and how does it connect to Rose?

The tension really heightens when Rose begins the Night Editor shifts, on her own, on Floor 34. This is when the story becomes really claustrophobic as you become completely entangled with Rose’s life and the thoughts spinning round her head.

As with Caroline Corcoran’s other novels, all is not what it seems, and there are some excellent twists to leave you speechless!

The Other Guest – Heidi Perks

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As with Heidi Perks’ other novels, I have been hoarding The Other Guest for precisely the right moment to devour it. That meant waiting til after the craziness of Christmas, but it was just like a beautiful present to myself that I was saving to unwrap.

The waiting was definitely worth it. The Other Guest is a departure from the other books, being set on a remote island in Greece, but all of the hallmarks that readers love about Heidi Perks are right there too.

The main character is Laila, who has come on what should be a dream holiday with husband James. Actually the holiday is anything but a dream, especially as the couple are attempting to move forward after a numbers of unsuccessful rounds of IVF. We are fed breadcrumbs of the couple’s story, but the full story does not come until much later on in the book, with devastating consequences for all.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s a dead body in the hotel pool?! The Other Guest is fantastic; I literally couldn’t put it down.

Promise Me – Jill Mansell

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If you’re looking for something a little lighter than a twisty thriller, then you can’t go wrong with the latest romance from the legend that is Jill Mansell. Reading Promise Me is like curling up with a hot water bottle whilst the rain lashes the windows outside (and that’s actually what I did!)

Lou has a chance meeting with grumpy OAP Edgar when visiting an old college friend for the weekend. Finding herself at an unexpected loose end, Lou’s accepts Edgar’s generous offer to become his live-in helper. Cue the classic range of escapades that readers have come to know and love from Jill Mansell’s books. There are old friends, handsome new strangers and a fair few near misses.

All adding up to a great read that will keep your heart warm through the dark winter months.

*Thanks to NetGalley for the advance copies of these books, in exchange for an unbiased review.

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