Getting Organised with a Sundeala Noticeboard

Post it notes on a pinboard

I feel like I’m an organised person. I have to be, with two young children, a self-employed husband and working from home a lot myself. I am quite old school with my organisation though. I absolutely see the benefit of online planners, sharing platforms and auto reminders, but I’m much happier with pen and paper.

When I worked in an office, my monitor was covered in post it notes and I was lucky enough to have a pinnable partition. Now I have a laptop and a blank wall in front of me, and it’s just not cutting it!

Both my parents were teachers and I have fond memories of helping them pin displays and pupil’s work onto the big coloured boards in the classroom. So I was really excited to find that you can buy similar noticeboards for at home too!

Sundeala is a born and bred British company, manufacturing all their products in Gloucestershire. All of the boards they make are made from 100% recycled newspaper sheets and paper waste, and they use (and recycle back) water from the local river. They are the only manufacturer in Europe to use such an eco-friendly process.

Like many home office and stationery retailers, I want to buy everything at Sundeala! They have a huge range of colours and styles available, from bold brights to relaxed pastels. There’s different sizes and framing options to suit every taste, with wooden and metal frames as well as unframed boards. It’s really nice to find a UK company that are really passionate about the environment and take a lot of care with what they produce. The prices are surprisingly reasonable and delivery is free if you spend over £50 (£8 for orders under this value)

Coloured noticeboards
Colourboard with a wooden frame
Coloured noticeboards
The range of colours available

I really like the look of the Colourboard Unframed board. It doesn’t look like something you’d find in a school or office, so it would fit really well into our home office. It comes in pinky red, blue, green, charcoal, wheat brown and purple, and the sizes start at 90 x 60cm right up to 240 x 120cm.

I also really like the shaped boards, which would be brilliant in a playroom or bedroom. They’re available in the same six colours and can be a elephant, cat, dog, teddy, or train engine or carriage. The boards are nice enough to make a feature in a room and be practical too.

*This is a collaborative post. Thanks to Patrick Perkins on for the title photo.

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