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However old your children are, from tiny baby to school age and beyond, I’m sure you’ll agree that getting out of the house works wonders, for you and them. But it can be a bit of a task to find local things for you to attend, especially if you’re trying to squeeze in research before you fall asleep on the sofa!

Club Hub could be just the answer. It’s a website which shows you all the clubs and activities in an area, suitable for children from newborns right up to teenagers.

It’s perfect for finding something to keep your little monsters occupied during the school holidays.

There’s over 15,000 registered activities from 6,000 providers so there’s plenty to choose from. It’s really easy to search – you can be as specific as you like, entering your child’s age and interests or look for everything local to you. The listings are arranged in geographical order, with the nearest featuring first.

Each listing gives you all the details you need, with a description and map as well as the contact details for the club owner. What’s brilliant is that you can create an account and store clubs as favourites, so if you get interrupted you won’t lose out.

It’s really encouraging when you are searching that you see the big names that you are familiar with, alongside some new options that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise. When I did a broad search in my local town, the results included cooking, swimming, singing, dancing, languages and everything in between!

The site is also available as an app (on App Store and Google Play) so you can take your favourites and searches out with you.

Club Hub was set up by Tessa Robinson, a former musical theatre student who found that there were no free options to advertise her children’s drama group locally. Club Hub has grown from strength to strength with support from many well known business leaders and entrepreneurs.

You can find Club Hub on their website, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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