Elf Yourself! with Pretty Wild Things

Pair of feet wearing Christmas socks

Christmas is coming. There is no escape, you just have to embrace it!

Christmas decorations seem to have evolved since the days of my childhood, when a bit of tinsel and some mini pegs to hang up cards where about as advanced as it got. Nowadays it’s pretty much no-holds barred, with fibre optics, unicorns and personalised decorations galore.

This year I’ve decided to give in and upgrade our decorative efforts. My first effort involves designing a family elf poster through Pretty Little Things. It was a really easy process, starting with me choosing the types of elves, hair colours and Christmas accessories I wanted in the picture. I then added names, bunting and chose the colour for the wording (from a choice of 24 colours). It was not a problem to request a slight change in the detail too – having the boy elf being taller than the girl elf, to avoid any sibling arguments!

My poster came through quickly, and was ready for me to print off at home. My printer isn’t that great, so I’m going to have it printed professionally and displayed in a Christmassy frame. I really like the finished poster, I think I look quite cool as an elf!

Poster of family of Christmas elves

There’s three sizes of poster to choose from – 5″ x 7″ (A5), 8″ x 10″ (A4) or 11″ x 14″ (A3) and it costs between £6.50 and £10 depending on the number of elves!

Pretty Little Things also offer other design services, including other family posters as well as blog and media kit design. You can find the range on Etsy, on their website, or on Facebook or Twitter.

You can use the code MUMMYW10 to get 10% OFF ANY poster in the family poster section of the Etsy store.

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