Easy Stocking Filler Ideas

Christmas stockings hung on a fireplace

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of filling my kids’ stockings with gifts fills me with dread! Trying to find the right balance of toys which will keep my kids’ attention but without spending a fortune is a big challenge. It’s a fact of modern life that a clementine and a brazil nut are just not going to cut it these days. So I’ve asked my blogger friends for their top tips on foolproof stocking gifts:

Naomi Trips with a tot Poundland or 99p stores do some basic puzzle books and some stickers plus DVD’s

Josie Me Them and The Others We focus on including fun versions of useful things (pants with characters on them, fun toothbrushes etc) so it’s money saving in the long term.

Fran Whinge Whine Wine The main aim of a stocking is to keep them quiet for as long as possible so you’re not woken at 5am. Make sure things are out of packaging, and never ever ever include slime. Something to eat is a must so they don’t wake you up to have breakfast.

Child standing on tiptoes by Christmas tree

Emma ReedMine always get a clementine because, you know, tradition!

Kate Ever After With Kids I like to top up their activity supplies in my kids’ stockings, so new colouring books and pencils and stickers etc. Usually all under £1 and fills it up!

Katie Mum of 2.5 has some great ideas on her blog, including bath bombs, Top Trumps and finger puppets

Rachael Lukeosaurus and Me gives 10 brilliant ideas for DIY gifts, I especially like the idea of Christmas scented homemade play dough

Sarah A Few Favourite Things suggests you give a range of gifts, from novelty toys to sweets and practical items

I’ve been given a great idea by my boss – getting a jigsaw puzzle and wrapping up the pieces into individual parcels, so that as your child unwraps them they can make them into a complete puzzle. I’m going to hide the parcels around the house on a kind of Christmas treasure hunt, I’m hoping it will keep them occupied for a bit!

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