Roly Poly Pillow ~ A Sleep Innovation!

Toddler asleep on Roly Poly pillow

There are few times that a new product comes along, and you really marvel at the concept (plus think why didn’t I think of that?) The Roly Poly pillow is one of those products. It fulfills the question that every parent asks – is it safe to use a pillow for my toddler? The Roly Poly pillow is a cot bed sheet with an integrated pillow case, so simple yet so ingenious!

It’s the brainchild of Kirsty Moore, and like so many products for children, came about as a solution to an issue with her own child. Kirsty wanted a pillow for her daughter but was concerned about the safety aspect of using a standard sized pillow or novelty cushion. We’ve all read the warnings about potential suffocation with pillows, and it does put a lot of parents off from using one.

So Kirsty created the Roly Poly pillow. The pillowcase is part of the sheet, so there is no loose material and the opening to insert the pillow is at the back. You just need a toddler size pillow to go inside and then you’re good to go.

What’s really encouraging about this product is that it has been through rigorous testing and meets EU safety standards (EN71-3 in case you’re into that sort of thing). It’s manufactured in the UK and there are organic cotton and 100% cotton variations available. It’s been nominated for a Baby Products Association Concepts and Innovation Award 2018, and I think it would be a very worthy winner.

Roly Poly pillow on a cot bed
I would have absolutely loved one of these for my children, for the short amount of time they spent in their cot beds! Many toddler beds have the same dimensions as a standard cot bed (140cm x 70cm) so it would be fine to use in there too.
I’m very excited to learn that Kirsty is working on a single bed version of the sheet, plus a range of toddler sleeping bags that will be launching next year.
You can find the Roly Poly pillow online and on Facebook and Twitter.
Pillows are not recommended for use for children under the age of 12 months, so this product is only suitable from age 1 upwards.


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