The Double Edged Swords of Parenting

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Parenting. It’s full of moments, from the treasurable to the downright cringeworthy, and you never know what’s around the corner. In my six years experience being a mum I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs.

What I’ve noticed recently is that many times are a double-edged sword, swinging from heart-burstingly proud to hiding behind your hands.

Like when your son is growing up so can go to bed later….but then you lose out on your evening (and Prosecco time). Or when both of your kids are potty trained…..but you have to hunt for ages for the wipes (that used to be in every room!)

And thankfully, it’s not just me, here’s what my fellow mum bloggers say:

Kate from Counting to Ten ~ It’s great when your children learn to read, they can read themselves stories and become more independent. And then they start reading your text messages and social media over your shoulder…

Katy from Katy Kicker ~ It’s great when you bond with your child, and they finally seem to enjoy your company. But not so great when you’re trying to go to the toilet or even have a phone call without someone climbing on you.

Toilet rolls on bathroom shelf

Sarah from Arthur Wears ~ They can ask Alexa for the music they want playing….but then they can turn off your music in favour of their own 🤷‍♀️

Sophie from Mama Mei and Yorkshire Families ~ We’ve managed to reduce their toys to declutter but now they spend more time watching YouTube. Oh and YouTube has the function to stream on TV interrupting my shows 🤣 so what my kids may be quiet I have to listen to someone else’s on TV

Claire from Dear Mummy Bear ~ When you feel super proud for potty training going so well but then you’re in a public toilet cubicle and your kid is asking “mummy you having a poo?” so everyone can hear. Glad he knows what people do on the toilet but please no 😂😂 P. S. I wasn’t having a poo he just likes to know what people are doing on the toilet 😂 he even followed his great grandma to the toilet yesterday and weed on the potty while she went to the loo. 🙈

Anna from Christmas Magic and Markets ~ Now they’re a little older, they can entertain themselves a bit more so there is less of me having to come up with ideas to keep them occupied. However, now they can entertain themselves a bit more I feel a little bit redundant 🙁

Emma from Beautiful Home Ideas ~ When you teach them to make you a cup of coffee. But then you see the devastation of your clean kitchen!

Beth from Twinderelmo ~ When they learn how to change the tv channel themselves, very handy when you’re trapped feeding their newborn sibling – but then that means they will forever subject you to crap tv shows 😂

Hayley from Devon Mama ~ The joy of potty training them vs the inevitable urgent dash for a toilet at the worst times; first thing in the morning, any time we’re out… at least a nappy you could leave them in for a moment!

Jo from A Rose Tinted World ~ The joy of taking the sides off the cot so that they can have a ‘big bed’, vs the shock of being woken at 3am with a little face in yours!

Emma Reed ~ When they learn how the child locks work on the cupboards in the kitchen so can help you out but not so good when they decided to ‘help’ their younger sibling!!

Hollie from Hollie Plus ~ When they first start calling you mama / mummy. It’s wonderful. Then they don’t stop and shout it constantly. At that point you want to change your name ❤️😂

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