Don’t be a #ChippyChucker!

Portion of chips with ketchup on the side

Living on the South Coast, fish and chips have always been part of my life, and were as much part of our family takeaway choice as Indian and Chinese. Nowadays though, there’s been a massive decline in local independent chippies and you don’t see them around as much as in our childhoods. It’s not just due to economic factors though, although the threat of big brands and the general decline in high street shopping has had an impact.

It’s also thanks to our changing attitudes towards food. If I asked you what you thought about fish and chips, would your reaction be an upturned nose to deep frying and carb overload?

In fact, fish and chips can be one of the healthier fast food options available if you get the right portion size.

44% of us admit to throwing away some of our fish and chips because the size of it is just too big. This means a whopping 18 thousand tonnes of food waste (and some very fat seagulls!)

45% of people would buy fish and chips if a smaller size was available, and I’m one of them. I would love for fish and chips to part of my own children’s life, especially with the glorious summer weather we’re having at the moment. Plus imagine the impact on local chippies if we all upped our intake!

Don’t be a #ChippyChucker ! Ask for a smaller portion and enjoy all the benefits – a tasty meal, less waste and a boost for your local chippy.

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