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Are you one of the thousands of women who have A Bit on the Side?! As in, you have a day job but also a sideline? (probably alongside juggling home and family life)

It might be selling cosmetics, making cupcakes, or writing a blog. Perhaps you dream one day of giving up your day job and concentrating on your sideline? Or maybe you love both things equally?

In this new series, we feature inspiring women who have A Bit on the Side and aren’t afraid to admit it! Next up is Katie Shephard from Vitality Health Forever.

Tell us about yourself

I am a mum of 2 young boys Theo (5), Max (3). I have a great passion for helping others and I am a bit of a social butterfly so love meeting new people and learning from others. I keep myself busy with my business, playdates and have recently set up a networking group for Mums Connecting in Business- MCB.

Tell us about your day job and your bit on the side (and do you keep it a secret?!)

My day job is now just 1 day a week at Waitrose, as I have recently been lucky enough to step down from a management role and focus on my bit on the side.
At first I kept it fairly quiet about my business which is owning my own Forever Living business as I felt people pre-judged what I did. That I would pounce of them at every opportunity to sell sell sell. In actually fact that is not my style at all. I am proud to work with such amazing products and to my health its made a huge difference, and I will help others when I can in whatever way is comfortable with them. I never used to talk about the business opportunity and this I regret, as I realise now I am proud of what Forever has given me and my boys. I know its not for everybody but people are much more open minded these days to come away from the 9-5 job.

How did your bit on the side come about?

Through wanting to initially loose weight so I did a Clean 9. I lost 9lbs and 11inches in 9 days, but what I was so thrilled with was my health. I continued with some of the products as my IBS and migraines had stopped and having 2 young boys this was a breath of fresh air. I then learnt there was a business opportunity behind the products and never looked back

What’s the best part of having a bit on the side?

For me its was about me being a person again not just a mum. I had lost a lot of confidence after my second child. I went from a full time career to just being a mum and although that was the best job in the world it wasn’t enough for me. With my business I mix with the most positive and supportive people and I have gained many friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I am back to being a better version of myself and have grown as a person in many ways.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Getting a thick skin. You think those closest to you will support your business but unfortunately that’s not necessarily the case. Some people around me have never taken the time to truly understand what I do, and because of that they don’t want to know and pre-judge. You can not help everyone and not everyone wants to be helped that is my biggest learn.

What’s your advice for others looking for a bit on the side?

Go for it. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. That is my favourite quote, which I have on my business card.

What are your hopes for the next 12 months?

My hopes are for my team to grow and for me to see more of them achieve their dreams. I want to have travelled some more with my boys, ticked off my goals on my dream board, and feel that I am still learning each day.

You can find Katie’s website online.

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