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My Zoo Animals children's book and toy

My two children are five and two and a half, and whilst I do buy them magazines occasionally, I am often put off by the price (especially when having to buy two separate ones). My eye was My Zoo Animals children's magazine coverdrawn to the My Zoo Animals set, which boasted two animal toys and a hardback book for an introductory price of £1.99. Bonus – This would be a good exercise in sharing!

The pack is the first one in a series, with a normal price of £6.99. Inside the cardboard package was the two animals, this time it was a lion and an elephant. The figurines are nice quality, and of a similar size to Happyland, so they fit in well with toys we already have.

The hardback book features the lion, and has twenty five illustrated pages. There are plenty of My Zoo Animals book about lionsfacts about lions, and a story at the end of the book. Most of the book is set in the zoo, with the animals living there, but there is also a section about where lions live in the wild. There are activities scattered through the book, such as making a footprint and comparing it to the shape of the lion’s paw.

Also within the pack were multiple leaflets advertising the future editions and encouraging you to sign up to a full subscription. There are lots of extra gifts available to entice you into signing up, so don’t let your children get hold of the leaflets! One interesting part was that the company offers a free app that can be used in conjunction with their downloadable colouring sheets. If you hold your phone over the drawing, it will bring the animal to life. There are five colouring sheets available on the website to download.

Overall this is a very nice package, with the different elements being of good quality and I expect we will come back to them again multiple times! I don’t think I could justify spending £6.99 a go on a subscription, but I would definitely consider buying one off editions if the featured animals were on the ‘favourites’ list.

My Zoo Animals is published by DBF UK and we have not received anything in exchange for this review.

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