Time for a Change?

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The end of June has always a time for significant life changes for me. Three years ago I was heading back to work after my second bout of maternity leave. Two years ago I left my job of 13+ years and had a complete change of career. One year ago I was admitting to myself that being self employed just wasn’t for me and perhaps it was time to get a job.

So what’s in store for me this June?

New baby? New house? Another career change?

Actually it’s nothing. That’s not to say that my life is perfect and I wouldn’t change anything. There’s lots of things I’d like to improve, like being fitter and not being so short tempered with the kids. And my small obsession with bakery products.

But I’ve learnt a lot from the last few years. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You might have all the good intentions in the world but actually the change you make might not be right for you and those around you. Much as I love to imagine it, there’s not a perfect solution out there for everyone. I could go and be a high powered finance director earning mega bucks but I wouldn’t get to do the nursery runs or be home before bathtime. So we make compromises. In this moment though, my compromises are pretty good. Yes I’d like more time with the kids, but being at work more than I was really makes me appreciate the time I do have with them. And I have the comfort of knowing that I’m contributing to the lifestyle we want to have.

Do I regret my life change Junes?

I regret not listening to my heart more quickly. I went back to work when I knew it wasn’t what I wanted, and it took a full year to make the leap and actually leave. Plus I buried my head in the sand when I didn’t enjoy freelancing, I felt like a failure when I wanted to go back to work (albeit in a completely different company)

I don’t regret having tried out some different options. Yes they didn’t all work out, but now I can recognise when things are going well and treasure the small wins.

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