A Surprising Easter with Kinder

Kinder Easter products

My children are aged six and three and a half, and it feels like this year is the first time that they’ve both been super excited about it being Easter. So far we’ve managed to keep things at the level of baby chicks, lambs and bunnies but as we get closer to the weekend there’s no escaping the C word.

By no stretch of the imagination are we restrained as a family when it comes to chocolate, but I do keep an eye on what the littles are consuming, in terms of quality and quantity. They’ve both been big fans of Kinder eggs for a while, so getting to try out more of the range was a real treat.

One of the things I like about Kinder is the size of the portions. Both the standard and the Joy eggs are big enough to feel like a luxury to the kids, but small enough to keep me happy. Plus I know that the chocolate itself is good quality and doesn’t make them go crazy after eating it!

The Kinder Easter range does contain larger sized products, so we did have to do a bit of negotiating on portion sizes (and try not to sneak too much in my mouth at the same time!)

The range includes:

Kinder Joy – half an egg filled with scoopable milky chocolate plus a collectible character toy

Easter characters – slightly larger than a standard Kinder egg with a toy inside

Surprise Bunny – a large size chocolate bunny with a toy inside

Chocolate mini eggs – milk chocolate eggs with a milky centre (a bit small for little ones though)

Egg hunt kit with two Kinder eggs, 100g of Choco-bon mini eggs, 3 shaped chocolates plus eight cardboard signposts

Kinder Easter products are widely available to buy in supermarkets and other retail stores.

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