Review ~ Strictly Briks Construction Bricks

Construction brick base plates from Strictly Briks

When it comes to construction bricks, so far in our house we’ve been pretty loyal to the brand leader (that one, you know). We’ve dabbled with some of the kits you can get in high street stores, which are great for a one off build but not always compatible with other makes. Whilst other brands are cheaper, their potential incompatibility puts me off – frankly, I don’t want to spending any more time losing my fingernails between bricks that are not quite stuck together properly.

So me being me, I was cynical about trying about some base plates from the Strictly Briks range, plus an interesting kit to make a tower.

The base plates come in a big range of colours, including a clear one which was an instant hit with my 5 year old son. They are 10” square (24cm if you insist on metric) so they’re great for small hands. And actually, they worked brilliantly with our branded bricks. Even my nearly three year old daughter could stick random bricks down and they stayed put. My son had great fun building various structures outside in the sunshine. It was great that the baseplates were not too big, and the different colours meant he could imagine different environments for his creations.

We were also sent a set which includes six smaller baseplates and fifty ‘stackers’, the aim being that you can create towers of different sizes. Although the pieces fit together easily enough, it did take a bit more creativity to think of a use for the tower. It would work well as a kind of display case, perhaps for figures or cars, but it was quite susceptible to destruction!

You can find the Strictly Briks range on Amazon, which includes the base plates and tower packs above as well as different shaped base plates, brick packs and their version of ‘larger bricks’

*We were sent two Strictly Briks products in exchange for an unbiased review.

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