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I’m grumpy, I know that, you don’t need to keep telling me. This week it’s a bit of a backward rant, and only about one topic – kids meals in pubs and restaurants. What I don’t get is how some places get it right, and some get it soooo wrong.

The Good

Children's meal at Liming restaurantWe’re very lucky that our local (independent) Mexican restaurant Liming does amazing kids meals, because it’s one of our favourite places to eat too! We’ve been going there for a long time, even before we had kids so it holds many great memories for me and hubby.

The kids menu has pretty standard choices of chicken nuggets, burger etc but also some cool Mexican dishes, if you can get your kids to try a pizza quesadilla or nacho stack. There’s also two scoops of ice cream or fruit salad for dessert, plus a drink for the bargain price of £5.50. The portion size is very generous and there’s an activity sheet featuring a fun Mexican wrestler to colour in. All in all, a fab time was had by all of us.

We also really like The Worlds End in Patching, which is part of the Hall and Woodhouse chain, and has an excellent activity pack featuring The Wind in the Willows characters.

The Bad

Sausage, chips and beansSausages are pretty much a main stay of our kids diets, and are usually the top choice for a lunch out. In my heart, I have this nice notion that pubs and restaurants pay extra attention to the food that they give to our children, and don’t skimp on costs. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be true across the board. Granted, most places we have eaten do have at least acceptable options, but when it gets to the stage that even your husband turns his nose up, it can’t be good.

The Ugly

Chocolate tart with ice creamOK, I’m not going to name names here, but there’s a famous name chef’s restaurant that we visited on holiday recently, and their kids menu left a lot to be desired. I know we’re not exactly connoisseurs, but I’m not sure there are many children who would eat dry-cured meats and olives as a starter. Plus tenderstem broccoli with the main, and a chocolate tart dessert that was too rich for even me to finish off (which is pretty much unheard of!)

Must do better!

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