New Books We’ve Enjoyed – June

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Both of my children (aged five and nearly three) are big book fans and will jump at the chance to read something new. Here’s the new books that we’ve read recently:

Teddy-Dog on his Best Walk

Cover of Teddy-Dog on his best walkWe (well, me and the kids) would really like to get a dog, and this book is a really great substitute! It’s a nice gentle story about Teddy-Dog deciding where is his favourite place to go for a walk. What’s good about this book is that it uses photos rather than illustrations, and it gives the book an added boost, as you really fall in love with Teddy-Dog.

Storytime: Astromouse

Astromouse children's bookWe all really liked this book, it has a lovely retro charm about the story and illustrations. It centres around Pip the mouse, who wants to get to the moon so that he can eat it, because he believes that it’s made of stinky cheese. The moral of the story is a classic; to keep trying even though your task may seem impossible. But the ending was a surprise, and has a nice message – Pip couldn’t get to the moon so he’s happy to stay at home with his mum. This made a welcome change to other books, a nice way to say that not achieving something can actually be OK.

The Cook and the King

Cover of The Cook and the KingThis new book has all the hallmarks of a classic Julia Donaldson book, in terms of the lovely rhyming language that is a pleasure to read. However, it is illustrated by David Roberts, who has a very different style to other Julia Donaldson books. The book’s main characters are the fussy hungry king and the scared chef Wobbly Bob, who go on an adventure to make fish and chips.

It’s another great book, and one that we will keep going back to. It combines interesting illustrations with situations we can all relate to – hunger, determination and being scared, as well as a love of fish and chips! I had a great conversation with my son about him guiding his little sister when she is scared, like the king does with the chef in the book.

*We have been provided with copies of these books in exchange for an unbiased review.

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  1. We love books too in our house, Astromouse sounds like a good one we haven’t read yet. Thanks for linking up with #KidsandKreativity, I really hope you come back next time x

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