New Books We’ve Enjoyed ~ August

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Both of my children (aged five and three) are big book fans and will jump at the chance to read something new. Here’s the new books that we’ve read recently:

Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists?

Did dinosaurs have dentists? book cover This book has as all the hallmarks of a classic rhyming picture book, with cool illustrations and a fun theme. It also has dinosaur and dentistry facts.

What?! Yes you’ve read that right, this book combines different dinosaurs with common oral health issues such as cavities and braces. The great thing is, your children won’t see it as an educational health book, it’s all the dinosaurs (but the facts do get absorbed along the way)

It’s a great way to introduce conversations about teeth and dentists, especially relevant for us at the moment with my son’s adult teeth coming through. It will also be brilliant to refer back to in future, if they ever need treatments or orthodontic work.

Maverick Early Readers

The next two books we read are from the Maverick Early Readers range. My son is between Reception and Year One and I wanted to carry on with the good progress he’d made at school during the Summer Holidays.

The Maverick range is brilliant for this. It’s arranged into coloured bands, with plenty of titles available in each one. They all have bright colourful characters and fun stories. Many of the books in the range have accompanying resource packs and activity sheets (available through the website).

We tried out The Space Race from the blue band and A Job for Pop from the red band. Both were very suitable for my son, with engaging words that he could read or spell out.

The Space Race features the aliens Zip and Zog, racing in their fast ship and fast rocket. A Job for Pop features a retired pirate captain who is in search of a new job.

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  1. My son has just gone into year one, and these books look excellent for him especially the space race! Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, I hope you come back next time x

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