Is Network Marketing a Good Option for Parents?

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When I say the words network marketing, what do you think of? For me it was finding a Betterware catalogue on the doorstep, despite never buying anything from there ever, or the Avon ‘book’ being passed around at work. More recently I’ve seen a lot of Earn six million pounds in your first week and You only need to work for three minutes a month. Let’s be honest, network marketing doesn’t have a good reputation and many people actively turn their nose up at it. But a good friend of mine has grown her own NM business over the last two years, and is earning enough to be able to drop her employed hours to focus on building her team. So I wanted to understand whether it was all as bad as I perceived, or whether it could be a good flexible income option for parents. Here’s what some mums told me:

Sussie Grose Network marketing gives me a reason to develop my own relationships with people outside of being a mum. That distinction helps maintain my sanity, whilst still being there for my boys.

Valerie Sheldon Fowler I love that I have purpose outside of my family. With also keeping them my number one priority. I get to help others feel less isolated, and also receive a paycheck. I love that I can volunteer at the school, and do activities with my kids without worrying about money, or having to work outside of the home. And I love the sisterhood that it creates.

Clare Graham10 years ago I fell across NM whilst looking online for a work from home job, had no clue about NM. My advice would be find the right company for you , 5 companies later I have found the right one for me. It allows me to work around a busy home life – 4 horses- 2 children . The earning potential in NM is HUGE – IF YOU WORK AT IT – I have little qualifications but earn 5 x what I used to in my local government job. I have travelled the world to company events for free. I was also quite isolated living on a farm in a new area with 2 children under 5 , now I have a big network of friends, it’s created lots of friendships for me.

Tina Gillies NM has enabled me to spend time with my children that other careers wouldn’t have and has enabled me as a single mum to live where I choose and put both children through private education. Financially it has given me more than I ever imagined. The option to now work only when I want to work and the freedom to live the life I choose not the one an income dictates. NM can be life changing if you are prepared to work hard and dream big !

What do I think?

My conclusion is that network marketing might not be the first choice for everyone but it can be a lifeline for parents needing flexible work. Making a success of it is a big challenge, not least overcoming the attitudes of the cynics out there, so I have even more respect for those who really stick at it and make it work for them.

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