Getting Crafty with Printkick

Wooden sunglasses coloured with felt tip pens

The summer holidays feel like a loooooong time, especially on those rainy days when you just can’t face another trip to soft play or watching Frozen. Again.

So you can imagine my excitement when a care package of kids’ craft products arrived from Printkick. There was a great selection of items, none of which they had done before. My son especially liked the little puzzles, and the bonus football that was in the parcel!

We would definitely look at buying from Printkick again and the items would make excellent party bag fillers too. I would defy you not to spend a fortune on the site though, there are so many fun little bits and pieces, for adults and children alike.

The Goodies

Wooden colouring glasses

This is a simple idea but really effective. It’s a pair of wooden glasses with a palm tree outline printed on them. Plus you also get a pack of three mini felt tip pens, in green, yellow and red. My kids loved colouring in the front with their own choice of colours. The arms and back of the glasses are plain so they could let their imagination run free. What is great is that the wood used for the glasses is quite porous, so it would be suitable for any type of felt tip pen or even paints.

Circus themed colouring magnets

I really like the concept of these. It’s an A4 sheet with a white paper covering on top of a magnetic material. There are pre-printed circus shapes, which can be easily pushed out. These can then be coloured in using the felt tip pens which were also in the pack. It was really fun for the kids to get the magnets prepared and then colouring them in. Unlike standard colouring books or pages, these make a nice keepsake for the fridge, and I’m not having to hunt out the blue-tack to stick them on with!

Brain teaser mini puzzles

I was interested to see how my five year old son got on with these, but he really enjoyed them. The puzzles are small enough for him to hold easily, and there were different degrees of difficulty. Whilst he did give up on a couple of them, he did give them all a good go. They would make a perfect activity for travelling or on holiday.

About Printkick

Printkick are a family run business and have been going for nearly twenty years. They specialise in providing branded and promotional items for small businesses in the UK, with a range including mugs, bags, notebooks and pens.

They’ve recently expanded their website to include loads of crafty products as well as a new range of eco-friendly products. Their aim is to encourage companies to think more about their environmental impact and make more informed choices.

Printkick work with loads of big name brands and recently teamed up with the ADHD Foundation for Neurodiversity on an eye-catching umbrella installation.

*This is a collaborative post.

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