What to Expect with a Six Year Old

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There are so many books, articles and posts about what to expect – whether it’s whilst pregnant, with your newborn or even babies and toddlers. But it seems that there’s not much written about what to expect when your child gets a bit older. Instead, we rely on Googling or asking our parent friends about their experiences.

It’s hard to know whether your child is going through a ‘normal’ phase when they’re suddenly obsessed with death or going backwards with separation anxiety, or whether it’s something to be concerned about.

So I thought I’d ask some fellow bloggers about their six year olds:

Victoria from Travel Vixta –  Secret stuff! With my six year old daughter it was suddenly being kicked out of her room as she was doing secret things! Secret clubs with her friends, writing a secret diary, or just secret stuff that meant no adults allowed in!

Lisa from The Family Ticket – Attitude, sass, more attitude with my 6 year old.
He’s suddenly even more sensitive and not as willing to talk. It’s like he’s turned into a teenager way too early. It’s all about testing more boundaries at the moment. Then every now and again the silly side comes out and all is well.

Beth from Twinderelmo – good and bad. My girls have taken to writing observations about everyone/thing which can be lovely – but six year olds can be rather blunt and like to say you’re bad and “rood” 😂

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Debbie from Mum’s The Boss – This is my favourite six year old sass example: I was called into school to see my son’s year 1 teacher because apparently he had hit another student. But despite the seriousness the teacher was having trouble keeping a straight face. She told me she had asked him “why did you hit Charlie in the eye?” And his honest answer was “I was aiming for his nose but I missed!”

Jodie from Maidenhead Mum – One of the things I’ve loved is seeing an emergence of passion and focus about certain subjects and themes. My daughter started to learn about history and Henry Viii… taking her to Hampton Court Palace left her skipping with glee! So watch out for those little flashes of inspiration and nurture them! Watch them grow into unique small people!

Josie from Me, Them and The Others –  Lots of joy! 6 has been my favourite age so far with both children. They’re old enough to do most things for themselves but young enough to still be cute and want to snuggle with you.

Rebecca from Imperfect Mummy – I have a 6 year old boy all I hear about is bums and penises 🤦‍♀️😂

Yvette from Uplifting and Inspiring Content – Independence, independence and more independence. My 6 year old boy wants to do everything by himself including washing up his plate after a meal ❤️

Veronica from My Parenting Journey – With a 6-year-old child, it’s all about “Me, me, and myself”. They always want to be the center of attention or they always want to catch your attention. This is what I noticed with all of my three kids.

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