Creating a Colourful Play Area with Wall Sauce

Wall Sauce wall mural coloured pencils design

We’re lucky enough to have a playroom in our house; well, in fact we did have to give up a room to house all of the chaos that our two little ones create. It’s a bland magnolia at the moment and pretty soulless as it doesn’t get much sun. In the past we’ve experimented with some of the removable sticker packs, but they’ve never been hugely successful. Mostly because we can never all agree on what the stickers should be. Plus my son is five and growing up fast, so he gets bored with particular characters quickly.

It would be great to have something which is fitting for the space, but that also has longevity and won’t upset anyone!

Wall Sauce may be the answer, it supplies an awesome range of wall murals and you can even design your own! In the Childrens range of the Wallpaper Murals section there is a choice of 195 designs, of both high quality photos and illustrations.

I thought the following would be brilliant for a playroom:

Wall Sauce wall mural pencils pattern
Pencils pattern
Wall Sauce Lego Effect Wallpaper
Lego effect pattern

How It Works

I am frankly rubbish at DIY, and would have no idea where to start with wallpaper. However, there are excellent step by step instructions on the Wall Sauce website, and you can even buy a mural which is peel and stick so no need to paste!

The process is very simple, you measure your wall using the measuring guide on the website and add an extra 2cm for trimming. You can either choose a mural that covers the whole wall or it can be smaller (the minimum size is 2m square)

You then choose from the range of designs and enter your measurements. There is a very large range available, so make sure you have some idea what you’re looking for or you’ll be there for hours! You can upload your own image instead and will all of the options you can crop the picture if necessary.


The wallpaper is available in three finishes

  • classic – a smooth matt finish which is wipe clean, UV resistant, fire tested and the paste is provided
  • premium – which has the same properties as the classic, but is thicker and also FSC certified
  • peel and stick (like big sticky backed plastic) – this is wipe clean and UV resistant

For installation it is recommended that you have two people, and there are full instructions and even a video on the website!

It’s free delivery in 3-4 days if you spend over £80 and delivery is available to Europe and the rest of the world.


The murals shown in this post are priced per square metre and are £26 per m2 for the classic finish, £29 per m2 for premium and £36 per m2 for the peel and stick option.

Wall Sauce also offer ‘grown up’ wallpaper murals on their website, I have my eye on this flamingo one…….

Wall Sauce Flamingos wallpaper

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